What does it mean to rehome a pet?  You may be trying to make one of the most difficult decisions you've ever faced: giving up your beloved pet. Whether it's because of a major life event, allergies or behavior you can't manage, or pet care costs, we're here to support you!

Not sure if you're ready to give up your pet? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Have you looked at resources to help you keep your pet? If not, see our alternatives to re-homing.

  • Do you have two or more weeks in which you can keep your pet in your home? If not, review our list of reputable community shelters and rescues that may be able to accept your pet.​​

Low-cost medical care

Pets that are up-to-date on vaccinations, spay/neuter, dental care and medications are more easily adopted. Home-to-Home retains relationships with veterinarians who provide discount services, or whose services are subsidized by generous Home-to-Home donors. Use our list of providers to make an appointment for your pet or ask us to schedule and transport your pet.

Profile development & promotions

Pets with a great picture, video and description will be adopted more quickly. Home-to-Home will handle photography and video of your pet, and enhance what you've given us in your application about your pet to best describe your pet's personality. Your pet's profile will be used on our website, as well as on PetHarbor.com, and will also be promoted at local veterinary offices and businesses as well as through local media.

Adoption event transportation & attendance

Pets that get in front of people are much more likely to be adopted than those that are only posted on a website. Home-to-Home will pick up and safely transport your pet to adoption events at local pet supply stores that support and promote adoptions.

Adopter screenings

Home-to-Home makes sure that your pet's new home is a safe, loving place with responsible owners. We will screen applicants for you to ensure we find the right match for your pet. 

Alternative solutions counseling

In the event your pet is not adopted in a time frame that works for you, your pet may be a candidate for foster care at one of our local rescue or reputable shelter partners. Home-to-Home works with each of these communities to help you place your pet into the situation that will elicit the quickest and least stressful adoption.

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Rehome a pet

Our results

On average, it takes us from two to six weeks to find a new owner. Our success rate depends on whether you are finding a home for a dog or a cat, and the health, age and behavior of your pet. ​

What happens if your pet is not adopted?

If your pet is not adopted within the time allotted, we will work with you to find available space for your pet at one of our local rescue or reputable shelter partners until a loving owner is found.

How Home-to-Home works:
We'll help you keep your pet in your home until a loving adopter is found, reducing the stress of the rehoming experience. We offer a full range of services to support you and your pet during what is often an emotional process. ​
  1. Start by filling out our online form to let us know about you, your pet, and what makes your pet special!

  2. Once we have received your form an adoption specialist will contact you to gather any additional info and answer any questions you may have.

  3. We advertise your pet to thousands of potential adopters. We offer a variety of services that we have developed over the years to make sure your pet has the best chance at getting adopted!

  4. We screen potential adopters for you, facilitate Meet & Greets between potential adopters and pets, and make sure your pet gets settled and comfortable in their new forever home!

Register your pet
Ready to find your pet their new forever home?  Fill out our online registration form and we can start advertising your pet immediately!

The Home-to-Home program is changing the way pets find their new homes free of charge! If you are interested in helping us continue to keep pets in homes please consider donating!

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