Why donate?

a difference!

Every day, thousands of pets across Colorado are in need of re-homing. Those surrendering pets make one of the most difficult decisions they've ever faced: giving up their beloved pets. They may not be able to afford to care for their pet, are experiencing a major life event, have allergies or are encountering pet behavior they can't manage. Those choosing the Home-to-Home program have one thing in common: they're hoping to keep their pet in their home until a loving adopter is available. With us as your partner, With us as a partner, you can support this compassionate solution to pet re-homing by helping us sustain the services we offer.

To reduce the strain of re-homing on both pets and their owners, and to expedite the process, our services include:​

  • Medical care - your donation will subsidize spay/neuter, dental, mass removal and other veterinary procedures, as well as any vaccinations and medications needed to ensure a healthier and more adoptable pet

  • Food & supplies - help owners with financial challenges care for their pets by donating towards the food and supplies needed until a forever home is found 

  • Transportation - donate to help defray the cost of gas required to drive pets to and from owners' homes to pet adoption events and to the veterinarian for care

  • Pet promotions - ensure all our pets get adopted through the support of digital advertising, and print advertising, flyers and brochures distributed throughout our community at local businesses and events 

Your support will help reduce pet homelessness through our humane solution to re-homing pets in need!

How donations are allocated

Home-to-Home is a 501(c)3 organization. We spend more than 80% of our donations on delivering the above services to our pets, pet owners and pet adopters. The remaining dollars are used to retain a small staff, manage our volunteer program, and support our technology and administrative needs. 

Thank you for your compassion in helping homeless pets!

Also, join us on December 5, 2017 for CO Gives Day where your donation goes a looooong way towards saving pets!