Donate a vehicle

Turn your car into care for homeless pets!

By donating your vehicle to Home-to-Home, you help us continue to find homes for pets in need.

To donate your car, truck, boat or motorcycle, you simply need a clear title and the keys—your vehicle doesn’t even have to be in working condition. Our partner, Vehicles for Charity, will pick up or tow your vehicle at no cost to you. Then it will be sold at auction, with a portion of proceeds going to support the Home-to-Home.

The IRS may allow you to take a charitable-tax deduction on your federal income tax return for the gross sale of your vehicle. If the gross sale of the vehicle is greater than $500, the IRS may require you to fill out Form 8283, “Non-cash Charitable Contributions.” 

Avoid the headache of selling or disposing of your vehicle by transforming it into a life-changing gift for homeless pets right here in our community.

For more information, call Vehicles for Charity at (866) 628-2277.